5 Tips to Grow Your Brand Using Instagram Influencer Marketing


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April 6, 2022

What is influencer marketing?

influencer marketing

Instagram is the most known marketing place for influencers. It is a type of marketing that uses ads and product mentions that enhances the product or business. Meanwhile, influencers are experts and also have a loyal and engaging audience. These people help you exceed your goal. Moreover, Influencers have gained the trust of their fans, and following that is the reason why they result in growth in your brand. They create links and promote their products and merely get the attention.

Also, influencers are more friendly than celebrities. A small business can easily target related influencers and sell its product or service to thousands of followers.

Furthermore, if you want to grow your brand in 2021, Instant Viral has listed down some important aspects of influencer marketing for you.

  • Boost reach with user-generated content

The goal of your influencer campaign is to go viral. One of the best ways to get maximum engagement is to inspire people to create content about your brand. Moreover, more people will be attracted to your brand.

Thus, the secret to this method is to have broad campaign news that can be in a catchy hashtag and include a caption prompting users to create their content using the same hashtag.

One single example of this is the campaigns led by different brands, that promote trendy clothes. They used the catchy hashtag #ootd and hired a group of influencers to promote their beautiful clothes. Furthermore, they also made people create their content.

  • Link with other social media apps

Another great way to gain high ROI from Instagram influencers is by trying diverse platforms. Meanwhile, a lot of influencers have followers on different platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

A post on Instagram can be linked to multiple apps to get the wider promotion of your product.

Moreover, for example, Rivaj cosmetics recently hired several female beauty influencers to sell their new lipsticks, mascaras, and other products. The campaign had an amazing result. The Instagram influencers used their posts to drive traffic to a lengthy video promotion of the product.

  • Use an influencer marketplace

    influencer marketing


One powerful way to find and work with a suitable influencer is by using an influencer marketing platform or tool.

There are a lot of benefits of using an influencer marketing tool:

  • Enhance your influencer search with filters and a targeted audience.
  • Easily entry analytics for each campaign
  • You won’t have to worry about the billing, it will be automated.

Furthermore, as you can see it will be very beneficial for you to automate your influencer search, display analytics, and define billing for your campaign.

  • Collaborate with micro-influencers

This is one of the famous influencers moves. Working with celebrities can get costly. Growing brands collaborate to work with various micro-influencers who have active followers. You can get the same reach as they would have by doing with macro-influencers.

Meanwhile, reach is vital, but engagement is even more crucial to the success of an influencer campaign. Engagement is the estimate of how active an influencer’s audience is.

  • Specify your goals

The main purpose for brands using influencer marketing is to win new target clients. Moreover, this makes sense since an influencer campaign increases your reach to that person’s followers.

Notice that the aim is solely to reach new buyers, no need to make a sale right away. Pushing sales is the third most common motive of influencer campaigns.

Don’t forget to think about how your influencer marketing campaign will fit your broader social marketing strategy. Furthermore, create result-oriented goals on which you can note and track.

We’ve got an entire blog post on goal-setting strategies to get you started.

  • Influence your Target audience 

An effective influencer marketing strategy needs you to talk to the right people. Use the right tools and get the true influencers.

The first step is to specify your audience for this certain campaign.

In fact, creating audience personas is the best way to give rise to reach. Moreover, make sure you understand who you’re trying to reach. Maybe you’re aiming to reach more of your new audience or a different audience.

Once you’ve agreed, build the same set of influencer personas. This will help you know the qualities you’re looking for in your influencers.

  • Run Giveaway Contests

Who doesn’t like to win something for free? Giveaways are an excellent means for brands to grow your brand. Engage with fans and develop an influence. Moreover, giveaway increases engagement and visibility.

By linking this trick with influencer marketing, you can further increase your reach to new traffic. The influencer’s fans and followers will get to know about your brand. Furthermore, you will feel forced to join to win free goods or gifts.

Meanwhile, the contest rules will require participants to create their content which will further lead to more people. Thus, during this process, your brand will get visibility and involve a huge audience.

  • Influencer marketing tools

Now that you’re ready to get begun with influencer marketing, here are some tools to make it simpler for you.

Instant Viral


Instant Viral can help you find out influencers by handling chats related to your industry across many channels.

In fact, add a former set of influencers that are in your mind, search what they share and who they engage with. Furthermore, this will help you realize their relevance to your audience while bringing out other likely influencers to work with.


The world of influencer marketing has improved a huge deal in a short time. The above details will help you get started with developing your strategy. Moreover,  like any social strategy, it’s vital to be able to accept change. Meanwhile, Instagram marketing will help you excel. Although, contact Instant viral for friendly services and offers which will help you to stand out in the market.

Still, while there are some unique concerns to collaborating with influencers, setting up a campaign is the same as most marketing campaigns. Furthermore, research put a budget, set goals, find your influencers, and review and revise for active marketing.

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