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April 30, 2022

When should I post on Instagram?

You have to create compelling content on Instagram to gain a sizable audience and Instagram following. But you also have to post the content at the right time, especially when you need to post it. If you are not doing this, your audience will not see your content or post. Now, the question is how to figure out the right time to post on Instagram.

You can find out the right posting time of content and any other post on your Instagram account by analyzing the timing of your posts. Check for the audience generation and engagement on each post according to a specific time frame.

To test the time and engagement of each post, you can also use different online tools if you cannot figure it out yourself. You also have to keep in mind different factors, including your location, time zone, and marketing strategy, to engage more and more audiences with your content.

What is the best time of day to post on Instagram?

best time to post on instagram

As we mentioned above, your location matters a lot for the posting time of content on your Instagram account. Even though you have a strong marketing strategy, if you are not posting the content at the right time of day, it will surely affect your audience’s engagement.

The audience behaves differently on each post and posts content on Instagram according to their time zone and location. You have to find out the right time in which your potential audience loves to stay active on Instagram.

If you are looking for the best time of day to post on Instagram according to the UK time zone, it will be 4 AM to 6 AM. Even if you don’t agree with it, most of us love to check our social media first when we wake up in the morning and at night before sleeping. So, you have to understand the living pattern of your audience to get information about the heaviest engagement hours. So, you can post on Instagram accordingly.

How to find the best time

If you are using a business or public account on Instagram, you can access your insight data easily. Go to the audience section in your Instagram insights to see the days and hours you get the heaviest engagement on your account. Moreover, check for the time when your followers are most active on Instagram.

Undoubtedly, engagement and reach are important factors in running a successful Instagram account. On the other hand, you cannot get right and heavy engagement on your content if you post it incorrectly.

Instead of using tools and running automatic tests, it would be best to check each post insight yourself to know the best time to post on Instagram. Keep in mind that you cannot rely on the same marketing strategy as your competitors. The reason is that each business’s potential audience and customers are different. So, you have to do your own experiments with different timing zones based on your audience.

How To Increase Engagement

Do you want to increase your Instagram engagement? If yes, there are several effective ways to increase Instagram engagement with your audience. Once you have connected with your potential audience, the sky will be the only limit for your success!

Before searching for ways to increase engagement, you have to keep in mind that there is no shortcut to effective engagement. You have to follow a complete strategy according to the specifications of your account, audience interests and location. So, invest your time and effort in each post before posting it to get the right and heaviest engagement.

1. Be consistent

To increase engagement and run your Instagram business account successfully, you have to be consistent and honest. Make sure to always post relatable stuff on your posts and stories. Introduce new things to your stories and account based on the right marketing strategy to let things go beyond your expectations.

Avoid sharing only dull and full of context posts. You can also experiment with different images and graphics to make your account livelier. Indeed, sometime images might increase the importance of feeds and stories on your Instagram account.

2. Use hashtags

We all know that the main reason for using trending hashtags on Instagram accounts is to increase the discovery and exposure of your content. Your audience can explore and discover all images related to used hashtags on your account. Indeed, it would be the best way to find an engaging audience and interested followers.

Keep in mind to use always relevant and right hashtags according to your brand or account. The audience and your customers can also use those hashtags to express their experience with your stuff. So, it might lead to more and more audiences or customers. Overall, hashtags are really good, even for a new brand recovery and exposure. You can also see the related posts even after clicking on one hashtag!

3. Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories should be a key component of any social media strategy. According to Instagram, brand and company stories receive more views than those from normal profiles. You may quickly sell products, tools, or other messaging you want to share with your audience with Instagram story marketing while keeping Instagram engagement high.

Creating business stories may be a fun activity with multiple benefits. You have the entire day to contribute as much as possible, with as much uniqueness as possible. You have all day to share as much as you want, with as much originality as you want.

4. Engage with your followers

Even if you post promotional content, encourage your audience or followers to engage with your post. This encouragement will become a great way to get more traffic to your business account. Ask your audience to save and share your post with others to get more followers and likes.

5. Be authentic

On social media, it’s preferable to be genuine and relatable rather than perfect. Share material beyond your sleek marketing effort to introduce your brand’s actual people and experiences. That could involve posting behind-the-scenes footage on Instagram, adding a funny caption, or owning up to any mistakes.

6. Write longer captions

Undoubtedly, pictures are a great source to immediately get your audience’s attention. But you can also increase your Instagram engagement by adding catchy and interesting captions. A standard caption containing up to 30 hashtags and 2k characters is more than enough to showcase your product or business’s personality.

You can also ask your followers or engaging audience to reshare your posts, including written captions, to get more engagement on every post.

Try incorporating these tips the next time you’re planning and structuring your content, and watch the engagement grow!

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