how to add music to Instagram post?

how to add music

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June 10, 2022


Here’s a handy guide if you need help adding sound, music, or voice-over to your Instagram videos/stories.

How to add music to your Instagram Stories

Adding music to your Instagram stories is a great way to show off your unique personality and let others see what you’re up to, but it can be tricky. Luckily for you, we’ve put together a guide on adding music to your Instagram stories so that everything runs smoothly and seamlessly!

Instagram Stories: A Brief Overview

Instagram Stories allow users to post short videos or photos in chronological order—so if you want more than one photo in one story, post the first one and tap “Add Another” at the top of your screen. They disappear after 24 hours (unless you delete them before then) and are visible only to the people who follow you. You can watch other users’ stories just by tapping their profile icon on Instagram; if there’s someone whose content catches your eye often enough, consider following them!

How to add music to your Instagram Reels

To add music to your Instagram Reels, follow these steps:

  • Open InVideo’s Audio Library. To access this, click on the “Audio Library” button in the top-right corner of your screen.
  • Search for a song that you’d like to use. You can search by genre or mood if you’d like.
  • Once you have located the song that works best for your video clip, click on it and then hit “Add.” Ensure that the audio file is from an approved source (e.g., not copyrighted material).

How to add music to your Instagram Feed and IGTV Videos?

  • Add music to your IGTV video.
  • Add music to your Instagram video.
  • Add music to your Instagram Story.

Top 3 sites to find royalty-free music for your Instagram videos

Your first stop in finding royalty-free music should be InVideo’s Audio Library. This site is helpful because they have a wide variety of genres and styles, so you’re sure to find something that works for your video.

Next, check out YouTube’s Audio Library. If you’ve ever used this before, then you know what to expect from this site—a large selection of high-quality tracks that are free to use as long as you’re not selling them.

Also, consider using Bensound, another popular source of royalty-free music. Just like InVideo and YouTube, Bensound offers a wide selection of genres and styles, including some more obscure ones such as “jazz fusion” or “funk soul jazz.”

InVideo’s Audio Library

InVideo’s Audio Library is great for finding music for your videos. The site has a massive selection of tracks in many genres, and you can even search by mood, tempo, and key signature.

YouTube’s Audio Library

One of the best ways to find music for your Instagram video is on YouTube. The platform has made its Audio Library available to all users, so you can search through the site’s vast collection of songs to find the perfect track for your next social media post.

To start searching for music on YouTube, click “Search” in the top-right corner of any page and type in keywords related to your desired mood or emotional tone. Then, to narrow down the results even further, select from one of three options: genre (e.g., pop), mood (e.g., sad), and tempo (e.g., slow). Once you’ve selected what you’re looking for, filter by license type (iTunes or Spotify) and length (full song or part).


Bensound is a royalty-free music library that has a wide variety of categories and styles. In addition, Bensound allows members to download and use music from their site for free. There are no charges for this service if you credit them appropriately in your post. You will also have access to their sound effects library, which can add an extra layer of creativity to your content!


After reading this article, we hope you now understand how to add music to your Instagram videos and the various options available for that. While many people think it’s only possible if you use other third-party apps, we showed how to do it right on Instagram.

InVideo is our recommended option because it offers the most comprehensive collection of copyrighted free music and audio files available on the internet today. In addition, they also provide free access to an extensive library of images, videos, and templates that can be used in creating stunning content for any social media platform. Add watermarks to your videos by following these steps:

  • Choose from one of seven different styles (You’re Welcome).
  • Type in whatever text you want to be displayed over top of your video content (for example, “This video was created by InVideo”).
  • Save settings by clicking on “Save To Profile” at the bottom left corner of the edit screen before exiting the application or logging out.
  • Click on the “Share” button under each video with which you’d like others may share that content via Facebook or Twitter using the #YourNameHere hashtag so they’ll be directed back here when they want more information about what’s being discussed!”
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