Instagram Action Blocked: How to Fix it? Why Instagram Blocks You? 

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April 7, 2022

When it comes to battling spam, Instagram acts fast. The Instagram platform directly triggers an action block whenever it doubts spam on the photo/video. Moreover, Instagram also recognizes bots quickly and strictly takes action. Meanwhile, during this time, the account owner will not be able to operate basic Instagram actions.

The limit set by Instagram may change depending on your previous violations of Instagram rules, account age, misuse of automation tools or bots, and activity.

Knowing all the causes that trigger action blocks will aid you to avoid such an issue in the future. Moreover, be sure not to play with Instagram privacy and policy. Furthermore, keep Instagram privacy and policy in mind to not get warning notifications and Play Safe. Every single platform has some rules and regulations to be followed. Don’t fool Instagram algorithms and interact freely.

What is the reason behind Instagram blocking you? What are the factors that temporarily block you? Some of the following reasons are:

  • Breaking the Instagram daily/hourly action limits
  • Being less active on Instagram 
  • You’re extremely active on Instagram
  • Misuse of automation
  • Your actions are too repetitive
  • Spam in comments or direct messages
  • Your account is too fresh
  • You have already broken Instagram rules

Do you want to get know-how about the various types of action blocks? Then this article is for you. Instant Viral is also here for you. We can assure you of every solution to your problem. Moreover, we have the best strategy and plans to make your content and audience amazed.

Types of Instagram action blocks

Instagram Terms and policy highly reduces spam and robot activity on Instagram. Moreover, the Instagram algorithm flag accounts based on the number of activities they perform within 24 hours.

Meanwhile, many actions can cause accounts to be blocked. Fortunately, you can request that Instagram takes a standard look into your position. Maybe you get blocked just because of a blunder.

What do you think about Instagram privacy and policy in general? What do you guess about their action block laws? Check out the data to learn more about the Instagram block action.

Temporary block

This is the most popular type that can occur from repetitive use of specific Instagram features. You may see it after you break some of Instagram’s terms of service. The blocks stop quickly, from within a day 24 hours.  Moreover, In this Action Block, you’re not allowed to like, follow/unfollow, comment, or post any photos.

Action Block with Expiration Date

This block includes the time limit decided on when it will expire. The last date can be one or two weeks or more. This boundless temporary block can last from various hours to several weeks. Secondly, a message will merely tell you to try again next time.

Permanent block

You can’t discard this type of block. The reason for such a block is violating Instagram rules. If your account has been temporarily blocked several times then Instagram will take action. Moreover, if they see you breaking rules, they will permanently ban you after warning. Furthermore, if another user reports your profile, you also have a chance of getting a permanent block on Instagram.

How to Fix Instagram Action Blocked

  1: Report the Problem

Repost a problem

If you think you’ve done nothing but still Instagram gives you notification of action blocked. Stop repeating the same action. For example, if you are liking so many pictures at the same time or commenting, again and again, Instagram will notice any irregular activity and will think of a scam. But, there is nothing to worry about. Moreover, there are two means you can request Instagram  manual checkup into your situation:

Click the “Tell Us” button written in the error message. And if it is not notified or available;

Move over to “Settings,” “Help,” then “Report a Problem.”

  2: Reinstall Instagram

Reinstall instagram

Try to reinstall the app.  Delete the app and also the Instagram data from your mobile and then install it. Moreover, all the cookie data obtained by Instagram is removed. This benefits in getting rid of temporary action blocks. This is the simplest and shortest way for the action blocks.

  3: Switch to mobile data/ 4G

data on

Sometimes actions get blocked due to IP addresses. So, It’s likely the reason that your account was blocked is because of your IP address. Instagram hardly blocks accounts if the IP is not user-friendly or safe. Therefore, if feasible, try changing the way of access. Maybe it will work fine with mobile data or 4 G. Try switching and have a proper good connection.

  4: Link Your Account to Facebook


Instagram temporarily blocks an account when a privacy policy detects a robot’s attitude. Meanwhile, to show that you are not a bot, you have to link your Instagram page to a Facebook page, You can also link your Instagram account to any other social media account such as WhatsApp, etc.

  5: Spend some money on ads

make money ON instagram

Spending some money on ads will unlock your high engagement limit.  As a matter of fact that the bot isn’t working in the back end but real followers and viewers are interacting. Moreover, that organic user is in charge and you are reacting in response. The Instagram algorithm will check and you will pass the major requirements.

It is visible that you are paying for ads, which shows that the owner is actively involved in reaching a higher audience. Hence, as a result, actions and engagements will not be blocked. Even for repetitive commenting and liking fellow audience content.

But still, you have to keep Instagram privacy and policy in mind to net get your account shadow banned. For every platform, there are some rules and regulations. For Best services and support, contact Instant Viral. It is a well-known website for helping creators. You can contact Instant Viral for suggestions or services.

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