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ultimate instagram guides

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April 7, 2022

What are Ultimate Instagram Guides?

Instagram Guides is a new specialty that allows users to easily find and share tips, suggestions, and other content from inspiring creators, small companies, or brands. Moreover, this feature follows list-style blog posts, using mixed text and visuals. Instagram Guides are perfect for sharing scrollable content. Furthermore, it helps you create in-depth content for your audience. Although they appear in a separate tab from your main feed. Instagram guides can be discovered as follows

  • On the Explore Page
  • Through Instagram Stories
  • Direct messages.

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Types of Instagram Guides

type of instagram guides

There are three different types of Instagram Guides that you can plan to create. You can put specific content together or promote products or moreover, you can share a travel guide too. Moreover, the following are the types of Instagram Guides you can pick and decide whether which one is most suitable for your brand.

  • Products

In this type, the Instagram guide supports you to explore for a brand, small firm, or influencer and select special goods to highlight. In fact, product guides on Instagram are great for promoting your preferred products. This way you can announce a new collection or design new innovative ideas as creating gift guides. Although, you can only feature things that are listed in the Instagram Shop. So you have to set up your company if you haven’t already. That will help you to get featured. Most importantly, remember to use quality products and catchy pictures to attract your audience and get traffic.

  • Posts

The second type of creating Instagram guides is by using already posted content. Think of similar posts to add under one category as Fashion, sports, cooking, etc. Moreover, you can connect particular posts you have already uploaded to make sorted content for your followers. Also, this feature is utilized in many ways. You can create different sections as

  • DIY content
  • Answer frequently asked questions
  • Specific topic you enjoy or you want to spread awareness on
  • Fashion styling
  • cooking, etc.

Moreover, after adding posts for the guide. Last but not the least, the next step is to add catchy impressive titles to attract new users. Most importantly, the title must give them an idea of what this guide is about.

  • Places

The last type of Instagram guide is “Places.” Places guide is best to sort a section for chosen public photos of specific locations. It helps users to explore tagged locations. An excellent option to make a highlight of visited countries, stadiums, fun lands, or different interesting locations. Moreover, you can also suggest famous local restaurants, vacation travel place ideas, and more. This will let people know more about places. In fact, followers will want to follow you for interesting content and your account will get major reach. Lastly, make the best titles and add precise descriptions to give your followers a suitable impression of why to choose this specific place.

Perks of Using Instagram Guides

using instagram guides

If you’re already on Instagram, then it is quite easy to add Instagram Guides to your brand. Actually, it boosts social media marketing strategy and improves active followers. The following are a few reasons to start using Instagram Guides!

  • Strengthen Brand Loyalty

Producing guides help you strengthen Bond with your followers. It is another method to give your audience worthy content they like. By creating an Instagram. You can share your brand story’s or you can talk about some topic which you are concerned about to inspire others. Moreover, your work also makes an impact on your followers. It’s important to stand out in the expanding market. Therefore, talk and share ideas. Interact as much as you can to attract more followers.

  • Collaborate with Influencers

Collaborating with Influencers is now a new way to promote your Instagram account. More likely already famous influencers help you and your product reach further followers. So that is why creating Instagram Guides will be beneficial to collaborate with influencers. They can help sell your products by sharing your guides on their stories and as well on in-feed posts.

  • Use Relevant Keywords

Instagram has recently updated its algorithms. The search function is now the addition of several top keywords. You can now search users or products with relevant keywords. For instance by using location tag or popular tag, locations, etc. This helps you to include relevant keywords in your guides. Moreover, using relevant keywords promote your content and it gets shown on the explore page as well as on search.

  • Keep Users Engaged

Instagram Guides are a type of long-form content that can keep followers connected for longer. Moreover, they can get all the relevant information they are interested in from your guide. As a result, engagements are made when followers visit guides and like, share, comment, and make purchases from an Instagram Guide. A guide may help users learn more about :

  • brand’s story,
  • discover new products,
  • learn new information from your tips,
  • Places and many more.
  • More Chances to Make a Sale

Product guides are a very excellent way to promote your products. In other words, product guides help potentially increase the chances of making a sale of your product. You can make highlights of bestsellers or a gift guide. Moreover,  you can also improve the Instagram marketing tips by pairing Instagram Shop and Instagram Guides together. This will boost the audience as well as impact an organized image of your brand.

  • Make Awareness On Specific Topic You Care About

Connect with your audience by sharing ideas and perspectives. People with similar ideas will come together and that’s how you will attract more and more audiences. People who want to influence on a similar topic will come under the same aims which will result in creating awareness together. More precisely, this will impact further people. Likewise, for the brands and new setups, they create awareness and impact in their targeted audience. Using Instagram Guides will be best for showcasing your awareness. For example, a healthy conversation on peace, life, awareness on depression, new brands campaigns, and many more.

How to Create Instagram Guides

Let us help you know how to create Instagram Guides. It is a very easy and quick method. Follow the following steps to start making Instagram Guides

  1. Go to your profile page, not the posting page.
  2. Move your finger to press the plus icon in the top-right corner.
  3. Select “Guide,” from the options,
  4. Choose any one of the three guide types: posts, products, or places.
  5. Start creating your guide by adding photos, titles, and descriptions.
  6. Tap “Next” in the upper right corner, once you’re done.
  7. Click “Share.”

After publishing your Instagram Guide, don’t forget to share it on stories to make awareness. This will help people to read, like, and share. Are you interested in creating Instagram Guides or Instagram Marketing Tips? Instant Viral can assist you. As a result, you will reach to maximum audience. Learn more about our services and Instagram Marketing Tips at Instant Viral.

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